The last few weeks have blown me away. Two amazing things happened to me that I couldn’t be happier about….and in a way I needed what happened to me earlier this year in order to put the everything else in motion. 

In May, I quit my job. I didn’t want to, but I had to. It really killed me to not be working AND I was a few weeks away from publishing my first book.There were somethings I wanted to do before publishing that I couldn’t afford at the time.

Plus, it was the beginning of summer and I had plans, okay! 

Anyway, I quit my job and to avoid being down about it I started my second book. (All I Need is You available on Amazon- shameless plug!) While being completely immersed in my second project I traveled to Chicago & Toronto (LOVED both btw.) and moved.

Towards the end of the summer I was getting antsy. My book was done and sent to my editor. (Shoutout to Tamara. She’s really a Godsend.) And throughout the summer I was still applying and getting denial letters, but I tried my hardest to remain positive and focus on my writing. I purchased any and every book I saw other author’s using, I read my favorites for motivation, and I put all my energy in improving my craft. 

Rewind back to January/February-ish…

Earlier this year, I sent a sample of a book I wrote to a publisher. The publisher said I had some work to do and she was right. She sent me some books to study and she was nice about it. Which made me want to work hard so that eventually I could resubmit a manuscript and sign with her.

Fast forward to September…

I received an email asking if I’m still interested in joining the publishing company. I was like “Um...hell yes!” Before the year ended, I was going to submit another manuscript, but being invited to join meant so much more. It showed me my work wasn’t going unnoticed and people saw the growth in my writing. 

Being an independent author is not easy at all. Some authors are fortunate enough to release a banger on the first try and blow up…but that isn’t always the case...actually rarely is that the case. There is A LOT people don’t know or see when it comes to writing & publishing. Anyway, let me move on before I start a rant on that topic!! (LOL)

The Job Search

I told God I wanted to give my second book my undivided attention and to finish before I find another job. In my mind that meant when I type “The End” a company would offer me a position…nah. Didn’t happen like that. I was becoming increasingly anxious now going on four months of being jobless. A week after my second book went live I received a call for an interview. A week after that I get offered a position.

I don’t know why everything happened the way it did, but I am grateful.

God works in mysterious ways and timing is everything



P.S. The date of debut release with B. LOVE PUBLICATIONS is October 27th!!!!