Year of Yes

When I was younger I had many talents I wish I would’ve nurtured more. The biggest one is writing. In elementary school, I wrote  stories and I used my wild imagination to bring characters to life. In middle school,  I wrote love songs, poems, and raps (LOL). Once I reached adolescence, I stopped writing stories and started journaling (thoughts, emotions, dreams, etc…). When I hit college all that writing for fun went down the drain because I was constantly writing research papers (ugh.)I tried writing for other blogs and even my school newspaper. but truthfully I had no desire to write or do anything after typing a 10+ research papers.

When I graduated from college I felt empty. I have all this free time now and didn’t know what to do with myself. I started reading again (Yay!) which then led to me having the urge to write. I had a surge of ideas going through my mind and I would ignore them due to fear and “What if's?”

  •             What if it’s not good?
  •             What if no one reads or buys it? (Am I even capable of publishing a book?)
  •             What if I don’t have the support of my family and peers?

So with those doubts in my mind I continued reading books from all genres fiction, non-fiction, self-help, blogs whatever I could find that caught my attention I was reading. One book in particular that really intrigued me was Shonda Rhimes’ ‘Year of Yes’ this book was given to me as a graduation gift and it couldn’t have come at a better time in my life.

I was entering a new stage of my life (recent graduate + turning 25) and I had been doing a lot of self-reflecting. There are SO many things I want to do in my lifetime. The only thing stopping me was fear. Don’t ask me why because I have no idea. After reading Rhimes’ book I decided that 2018 (and beyond) would be all about accepting opportunities and stepping outside of my comfort zone.  I will no longer allow myself talk me out of doing things I want to do. I know my purpose in life is to share my story and talents through writing (and other things stay tuned). Whether it be a research paper, memoir, or by exploring my imagination by writing fiction stories. I vowed to myself that I would walk in my purpose and never let FEAR turn into REGRET. Whatever it is that I put my mind to I know I can do it. There isn’t a thing I yearn for or want badly that I can’t accomplish.

Every character or plot idea I have I write it down to comeback to. I have three story ideas in mind right now and I cannot wait to give them life. I am taking the time to polish my craft and surround myself with mentors to push me.

So allow me to introduce the author D.Rose (Love my pen name!) ….My first book -a romantic fiction- will be releasing June 2018… I will keep you all posted!

Yours truly,


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