I dream it, I work hard, I grind 'til I own it!

I PUBLISHED my first book!


The week before my release date I was a mix of emotions. I was anxious, nervous, excited, and sometimes apprehensive. Like do I really want to do this? Then I would turn around and say "Hell yes you do!" I questioned and sometimes doubted myself a lot during this process. 

I started working on Another Chance to Love in March in a writing workshop. At first, it was practice for me. Then the more I wrote their story, the more confident I became in publishing this as my debut.  There were many days where I questioned if I would ever finish (lol.) I was constantly going back and deleting only to add the same paragraph. I wanted this first book to be a representation of how serious I am about my writing. I am grateful for the advice and critiques I received from established authors. When I initially reached out to them, I was afraid they would be stuck up and unwelcoming. They were the complete opposite, they offered books, sites, and gave me sound and useful advice. This writing process taught me a lot about myself; I had to become disciplined, QUICK. Every day I set aside time to write, I told myself if I want to become better and be taken seriously I have to put forth the WORK.

I am grateful that I wasn't on this journey alone. My best friend/sister, Monet' and I wrote and published our books together. I was her accountability partner, and she was mine. She even talked me into having a book release party (-_-). When she first presented the idea to me, I was like "Hell no," but after giving it, some thought I agreed. If it weren't with her, I wouldn't have done it. However, I am glad I put my introvert tendencies to the side and went through the event. Book events are a significant part of connecting with readers. In the future, I will be attending events, so this was great practice.

All in all, my first book centered event was a success, and I look forward to many more. I want to thank all of our friends and family for coming out and supporting!

And a HUGE HUGE thank you to More Than Java Cafe' for allowing us to use their space!

Below are a few pictures from the event!


Joy Comes in the Morning by MONET