June is a very special month. 

-3 of my sisters have birthdays (happy birthday B, Lane & Tee)

-my baby sister just graduated from High school *cries*

-So I dedicate this to all my Sisters & Sister-friends. 'cause where the hell would I be without you all?


I moved a lot as a kid, so I didn't have the privilege of having childhood friends AND I was the oldest of three. My parents (whether they will admit it or not) put a LOT of pressure on me as a kid.

1.) I always wanted older siblings so I could have the spotlight taken off me always having to be perfect.

2.) I wanted to be able to say "me and xyz been friends since kindergarten that's 20 years of friendship". 

People say Black women don't know how to have and keep friends. I couldn't disagree more. I  know, I know we are constantly seeing them fight each other on love& hip-hop (shame on you Mona) and other "reality" tv shows that put Black women in a bad light. However, that is not my reality and I will not accept that stereotype.

I am surrounded by so many popping, trustworthy, and intelligent women. From my sisters to my sister-friends, I am reminded every day that it is possible for a group of Black women to get along. Most of the friends I consider lifelong I met while in college. We literally lived together. The memories we made while in undergrad cannot be duplicated and make me appreciate the growth and the struggle, lol. I look forward to continuing to make memories with these women.

I met my other two lifelong friends at the job I hated the most. (LOL) Becoming friends with these ladies made working evening and weekend shifts easier. Even after we all went our separate ways from that company, our friendship continued to flourish. This year we went on our first girls trip together (with the next two years in the works.) 

My sister-friends pour into me, they inspire me, motivate me, encourage me, and most importantly they love me. They show me every day it is possible to have thriving careers, social & love lives, while still maintaining their individuality.

Over the years I have learned it's really not that hard to find and maintain genuine friendships. Also, its not about the amount of time we've been friends, but how my life has been changed since they've been around.

I love you all! <3

Yours truly,



Here are some pictures of the loves of my life!

*in my Ja Rule voice* Where would I be without you?