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— D. Rose
Stop Running

Stop Running

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The annual Smith & Co. College Fund Gala is tonight and not only am I here alone, Grant had the nerve to bring a date. I didn’t want to come in the first place but Mr. Lee made it mandatory for the firm. So here I am on my third glass of champagne as I tried to avoid staring at Grant and his date.

Like damn, I know I’ve been inconsistent these past few weeks but I didn’t expect him to flaunt another woman in my face. On top of that he was looking fine as hell in his black tux. He had his beard shaved down and a fresh haircut. He must have been talking to someone he wanted a donation from because he was smiling more than usual. His dimple was on full display.

His date kept him working the room all night. If they weren’t talking to donors they were dancing. The way he looked at her had smoke coming from my ears. The way he rested his hand on the small of her back while they danced had me rolling my eyes for the millionth time. Again, his mesmerizing smile showed as he spun her around.

I had to make myself look away before I storm over towards him and embarrass myself. After finishing my last glass of champagne, I went to the bathroom to freshen up. I needed a moment to myself to regain my composure. Seeing Grant with another woman had me getting out of character. As I was walking out Grant’s date walked in. She was cute. Her brown skin had a natural glow. She had the typical model stature and long wavy hair. I rolled my eyes internally. Who was I kidding she was drop. dead. gorgeous. 

Of course Grant was waiting outside the bathroom when I came out. I wanted to be petty and not speak, but I couldn’t show how bothered I was by him bringing a date. With my head held high I said a quick hey and tried to walk away. I couldn’t get away fast enough. He grabbed me by my arm and spun me around.

“Kill the attitude.” His arrogance both frustrates and arouses me. I snatched my arm from his grip. I wasn’t able to walk away because he had me backed against the wall. He leaned against the wall with his right arm.

“I don’t have an attitude. You might want to back up though. I don’t want your date to get the wrong idea.” I pointed my head in the direction of the women’s restroom. 

“That’s what this is about? She is just a friend.” He chuckled. He leaned down and whispered in my ear “You could’ve been my date.” He moved back and looked me in the eye “but you haven’t been answering my calls or texts.” Him being so close to me made me nervous. He licked his lips. He looked over my body carefully making sure not to miss any detail. Grant rubbed my arm and chills appeared on my skin.

“By the way, You look great tonight.” His smile had me biting the right side of my jaw to keep from kissing him. His date was right on the other side of the wall he had me pinned up on. This closeness between us had me getting hot. I looked into his eyes then at his lips. I couldn’t think straight. This was all my fault. I was the one that was so hell bent on avoiding him. Now I am standing here jealous that he brought someone to an event he was hosting. Why couldn’t I just tell him how I felt? Feeling foolish I exhaled and tried again to move from his hold. This wasn’t the time nor the place.

“Excuse me.” I whispered. I used my right hand to push him out of my personal space. I pushed him and grabbed his collar at the same time. 

“Stop trying to run from me Ivy.” I gasped. After battling back and forth with my thoughts I let fear take over once again. I needed him out of my space but I needed him to stay close too. When I didn’t respond to him, he sighed but he moved his arm so I could leave.

All I Need is You

All I Need is You

"Dad Knows Best"

"Dad Knows Best"