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Another Chance to Love (Prologue)

Another Chance to Love (Prologue)

This is a sneak peek of my first release

Since its my first release I decided to let you all read the entire prologue.

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this scene is graphic and does contain violence.

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Four Years Ago…

I looked at my phone. Another missed call from my mother. I gripped the steering wheel tighter. I was racing home from a hotel room I reserved for the weekend. I needed a getaway from my life. It was spiraling out of control. I was becoming a prisoner of love. I couldn’t take it anymore. After parking and turning my car off I took a deep breath. 

“Everything is going to be ok.” I told myself as I threw my head back against the seat. I grabbed my bags from the back of my car moving as slowly as possible to my apartment door. I needed to take a hot shower and relax before returning the unanswered calls from my parents. I have been keeping this secret from them long enough. Now was the right time to expose the lie I was living. 

I opened my front door and dropped my keys on my kitchen counter. I turned on the light in my living room. There sat Kingston dressed in all black from his hat to his sweats. My eyes widened at the sight of him. My heart dropped to my feet when he stood to walk towards me. I tried to make a break for the front door but I wasn’t fast enough. He grabbed me by my arm and dragged me over to my couch. 

“Where were you?” He asked through gritted teeth. I could tell he was upset. His nostrils flared as we waited for my answer. The longer I took the more upset he got. He balled his fists up and punched the wall behind me. “ANSWER ME!” He yelled. I jumped at the thunder in his voice. I turned and looked at the hole he put into my wall. I moved back on my couch to get some space between us. My hands were shaking so bad I had to sit on them to keep still.

“I-I… needed to get away to clear my head. A lot has been going on with us lately.” I struggled to get my sentence out. Kingston grabbed my neck before I could finish what I had to say. He was choking me so hard that my head started to throb. I tried to remove his hands from my neck but I wasn’t strong enough. “Pl-Please let go.” I whispered while trying to catch my breath. He lifted me off the couch by my neck. He turned my head to the left so his mouth would be right at my ear.

“Get away? Clear your head? You aren’t going anywhere.” He threw me back down on the couch “You will never find another man to love you the way I have! You hear me Ivy?! No one!” his voice bounced off the walls of my one bedroom apartment. I felt his bare hand come across my face and I couldn’t help but ask why? Why did I allow this to go on for so long. It has been six years of mental and physical abuse. 

I loved Kingston with all my heart. He was my first love. Since I was 18 he was the only consistent thing going in my life. At first he was my knight in shining armor then he changed. I always kept hope that he would one day become the man I originally fell in love with but I now see that isn’t going to happen

After we graduated from college Kingston felt it was time to take our relationship to the next level. To him that meant living  together. I was slowly coming to terms that our relationship would soon come to an end. I decided to leave for the weekend only telling my best friend, Autumn where I would be. He blew up my phone and my parent’s. This causing them to worry and question my whereabouts. My mother loved Kingston. If only she knew he wasn’t as perfect as he appeared. Behind that charming personality was monster.

“Don’t you ever threaten or try to leave me again. Now get up we are going to my house.” He ordered as he threw my jacket towards me. 

“No” I said while holding my neck. “I am not going anywhere with you. We are done. Leave before I call the police.” I yelled. Tears were falling from my eyes at rapid speed. I had reached my breaking point. No man should ever put his hands on a woman; that isn’t love at all. I had enough  of having to cover bruises, miss work, and going ghost on my family. I was constantly looking over my shoulder out of fear. Kingston would pop up on me whenever he pleased. I was tired of living like a prisoner. I am young and have so much life to live. 

Kingston grabbed me by the back of my neck and turned me around. He slammed me against the wall. I punched him in the chest, face, and wherever else my hands landed.

“You aren’t going anywhere.” He said through gritted teeth. The tears in my eyes made my vision become blurry. I could no longer fight him off because I couldn’t see. He grabbed both of my arms using them to throw me on the floor. I reached for his leg but began to kick me in my stomach repeatedly. He kept yelling that I could never leave him. The pain of his foot connecting with my body started to feel numb. All I did was lay there and cry until I couldn’t feel or think anymore. I kept telling myself  this will be all over soon…


June 2018

She deserved a second chance to be loved the right way.


After ending an abusive relationship that left her emotionally and physically scarred Ivy is ready to start fresh by taking a break from relationships and focusing on herself. While avoiding love and relationships she finds comfort in an unlikely place.  Her new work assignment may put a wrench in her plans to avoid love.

Career driven and workaholic Grant has been under his dad wings since high school preparing to take over the family business. Now that he has become CEO he is determined to expand the company to every major city. His new contract has him focusing less on work and more on love. Never one to shy away from a challenge Grant is instantly attracted to Ivy and will stop at nothing to be with her. 

Will Ivy open her heart and take a chance on love again or will she continue to keep her heart closed off? 


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"Dad Knows Best"

"Dad Knows Best"