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— D. Rose
"Dad Knows Best"

"Dad Knows Best"


I pulled up to my childhood home and smiled. The brick house with red shutters held a special place in my heart. So many great memories were made here growing up. My parents are separated but my dad agreed to let my mother keep the house. I often wonder if my parents will get back together, they haven’t been together in five years but they have never mentioned a divorce. I don’t even know what caused them to separate to begin with. I never felt the need to ask. They have a great friendship, if my mom ever needs something my dad comes to her aid with no hesitation.

My mom knew I was coming so as always she was in the kitchen preparing an unnecessary meal that I would end up taking back home with me. To my surprise my dad was in the kitchen with my mom laughing. They looked so cute.

“What you two in here laughing about?” I asked as I sat at the kitchen island.

“Oh, hey baby I didn’t hear you come in.” My mom kissed my cheek. My mom Jamie, was just entering her 50’s but your wouldn’t know that without asking. Her long brown tresses and her big brown eyes accentuated her youthful glow. We both stood at 5’6, I got my slender frame from her as well. 

“Nothing princess, me and your mama are just reminiscing.” My dad winked at my mom. My dad Ivan, is where I got my hazel eyes and light brown skin. He towered over me and my mother at 6’6. We called him our gentle giant because although he was big and muscular he was our big teddy bear.

“Well if you all would just get back together and stop playing…”

My mom cut me off “You haven’t been here for five minutes yet and you are already starting.”

I looked at my dad who was smiling from ear to ear. It was something off about them and I couldn’t put my finger on it just yet. Dinner was just like old times. My dad entertained my mom and I with stories that we knew weren’t true but thought were funny anyway. He had been doing this since I was a child. I really missed them so much. I told myself that I have to come home more often.

While I was cleaning the kitchen and putting away the food. My dad came in and sat at the island.

“So what made you come home?” He tapped his fingers on the countertop.

With my back to him still washing dishes I responded. “I missed you guys a lot.”

He stood up and walked over to me “Is everything ok princess?” He grabbed my right shoulder making me turn around to face him.

“Yes daddy, everything is ok.” He squinted his eyes at me. My dad could read me like a book. I don’t know why I even tried to lie. “Ok, ok.” I said moving his hand from my shoulder. “There is this guy I’ve known him for a short amount of time but he makes me feel…like I haven’t felt in a long long time.”

“And that is a bad thing?” He raised his eyebrow.


“Sit down." He said in a stern tone. I stopped drying off the bowl in my hand and sat at the kitchen island beside him.

"Ivy, don’t let your past have you so scarred that you don't allow a real man to love you. I mean love you the way you deserve to be loved. Trust me watching you lay in a hospital bed hurt me more than you will ever know. I felt like I failed you as a father because I wasn't there to protect you.” I grabbed his hand. I never wanted my father to feel like he failed me. That was the furthest thing from the truth. “I will never fully understand how that relationship effected you. However, I know that you have a lot of love still left in you” He grabbed my chin “and if you've finally found someone who is worthy of you, I say give it a chance. The only person you are hurting by trying to ignore these feelings is yourself. ” He kissed my forehead and left the kitchen.

Like always my dad knew exactly what to say to make me feel better. I just hope it isn’t too late to try to make things right with Grant.

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